Hello world! This is the very first blog post on Jesse’s Window, by myself - Jesse Walling.

I look forward to using this website as a showcase to what I am thinking about, current projects, future projects, and general discussions.

To start, there are a few plans I have for 2023:

  • Upgrade my personal site at https://jessewalling.com
  • Add Nextcloud and other services to Blockbuster (previously GG Net)
  • Run previous projects on Blockbuster (JOPENTS, SlimDiscogs, ImgLot, etc.)
  • Provide insight into economic markets and cryptocurrencies
  • Continue implementing and documenting best practice for network security on Blockbuster
  • Document changes and current projects on Blockbuster

There will be a wide array of topics discussed on Jesse’s Window, so hopefully something here is your cup of tea. Thank you for reading!